Onion Remedy Tonic is a post-shampoo treatment enhanced with purifying botanical oils and hydrating plant extracts that cleanse, soothe and protect the scalp. It is rich in invigorating minerals (copper, iron, zinc, silicon, magnesium); formulated to rapidly replenish roots and awaken follicles.


It all starts with a bulb of onion. Historically, onion has been used to treat all sorts of ailments as long ago as in ancient Egypt. With modern science discoveries, onion extract is now known for its antioxidant ant anti-inflammatory qualities. At Tara, we infused the onion extract with synergistic ingredients from nature. We added extracts of olive oil, sage and lavender extracts. We also bolstered the natural concoction with modern ingredients to deliver a three-step system that would keep your scalp healthy and your hair dense.

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